ViewChain utilizes the current method that friends use to share in order to build a reliable, decentralized content distribution platform. Our user-sharing network is supported by a decentralized storage system. This allows for our users to share private files to others without having to worry about the risk of data leakage.

Currently, traditional centralized platforms dominate the content distribution market. The primeexamples of such platforms are the Apple Store, Google Play store, YouTube, Toutiao and Kuaishou. Even though they hold the dominant spots, all of these platforms face three main challenges.

  1. They take the lion’s share (45% to 90%) of the revenue generated as compensation for their content distribution services.
  2. They enforce tight censorship practices to minimize the amount of risk to their platforms, which is a self-serving practice. They reject lots of reasonable and legitimate content without proper grounds.
  3. Viewers, creators, and forwarders are not properly incentivized to use their social connections to produce and share content.

We here at ViewChain believe that the first thing that a good, decentralized content distribution platform requires is a large amount of new and diverse content.ViewChain’s decentralized storage network has brought about the de-censoring of content, which has allowed creators the freedom and ability to create new content. At the same time, ViewChain’s content creators receive the majority of the revenue generated from advertising and content sales so they are highly motivated to create more content.The massive amount of content creators from Zapya will also be integrated into ViewChain’s decentralized storage network thanks to the dual factors of less harsh censorship practices and higher yields. ViewChain is offering some of the high-quality content creators from Zapya subsidies in order to speed up the integration process.

In regards to high-quality content, the decentralized content distribution platform requires a large audience to attract creators of high-quality content. Traffic cost becomes more expensive with every passing day, which is making it extremely difficult for other projects. However, this is not impeding ViewChain since the massive amount of global users from Zapya are easily being integrated into the network. Unlike other projects, ViewChain’s goal is on track to be swiftly accomplished and in no time, it will be recognized as the blockchain project with the most users.

In short, ViewChain will pave the way for the creation of a larger and more efficient content market.

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