The Key Features of ViewChain’s Decentralized Content Distribution System

ViewChain’s decentralized content distribution has four key features that will allow it to succeed. They are as follows.

  1. Creators have the ability to register their own content on blockchain so that their content is protected from copyright infringement and any changes to content’s copyright can easily be tracked. The creator’s authorization of their content is also managed on blockchain.
  2. Any user can promote content that they have been authorized to use. There are multiple sources of revenue available, including source advertising and content marketing. A majority of the revenue will be shared between content creators and specific sales users. The platform will only receive a small portion of the revenue, which is in sharp contrast to the revenue systems used by centralized platforms where the platform takes 90% or more of the revenue.
  3. The content that users share publicly must conform to social, decency, and legal standards. Any content that does not conform to these standards will not receive help from the platform to be shared. However, the platform respects the privacy of the private, 1-to-1 exchanges of content between friends and will not intrude on them.
  4. The system has a multi-layer incentive system in place that is designed to facilitate creators in attracting followers in order to form an organized, viral marketing effort to promote the sale of content. It encourages everyone in the network to participate in the promotion of content.
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