In our daily lives, we lack means that are both convenient and secure for sharing files privately between friends. Whether it is instant messenger applications, e-mail, or cloud disk sharing, they are all rely on centralized platforms that are inherently untrustworthy.

Take cloud disk sharing for example. Disregarding storage and transmission, when files are deleted after being shared, there is no solid proof that deletion was properly or actually carried out. There is no way for you to know if your private files are still intact within the cloud storage space or not. This means that the huge risk of your information being leaked even after you have deleted it from the cloud.

You will not encounter such problems when using a decentralized storage system. Not only do decentralized storage systems ensure that your files are stored, transmitted, and deleted in a secure manner so that there is no risk of your information being leaked, they also provide solid technical support.

Users of ViewChaininvite their friends to use ViewChain to share files, which allows for ViewChain to experience rapid growth. The resulting network of friends is included into our multi-layer promotion mechanism that allows for content to reach its targeted audience and for all parties who took part in the process to receive incentives.

Three viewers follow a curator and learn from the curator’s page about the advertisement of content. Of the three viewers, only one decides to purchase the content and thus becomes the first consumer of this content (Consumer 1). The one of the other two viewers that decided not to purchase the content instead decides to forward the advertisement to their friends who in turn decide to forward the advertisement to other people. Even though they (Forwarder 1, Forwarder 2, and Forwarder 3) did not purchase the content themselves, they helped increase the amount of people who saw the advertisement of content and another viewer (Consumer 2) decides to purchase the content.

In order to create the network effect for advertisements, ViewChain uses ViewCoins to encourage sharing advertisements by giving incentives to every forwarder. The amount of incentives received is designed to favor the forwarder closet to the viewer that decided to make the purchase and to lessen the closer it gets to the curator. Take the above figure for example. Each forwarder relaying an advertisement from a curator who ultimately led to the purchase of content is rewarded with N amount of ViewCoins. This means that only Forwarder 1 and Forwarder 2 will be the ones to receive incentives in this example. Forwarder 2 will receive N amount of ViewCoins awhile Forwarder 1 will receive N/2 ViewCoins. The main point of this design is to give stronger incentives to the forwarders that directly convince their viewers to make a purchase. However, even though their actions did not directly lead to a purchase, other forwarders in the early stages of the promotion of the content will be rewarded since their actions helped increased the chances of a purchase.

This promotion mechanism is a powerful tool to encouragemulti-layer marketing campaigns. By deliberately allocating rewards, the campaignshave the ability to involve a great number of viewers. Note that the reward is not the purpose but just the fuel to expand the scope for searching for viewers that are interested in that specific content. The ultimate goal of the mechanism is to leverage interpersonal networks in order to help curators reach their target audiences.

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