ViewChain has a clear competitive advantage thanks to the following three key elements:

  1. ViewChain is supported by a high-performance decentralized storage network
    • ViewChain hasenhanced the functionality and performance of native IPFS, which guarantees the technical success of the project. Mobile terminals can consume and publish content on ViewChain, which greatly expands the usage scenariosfor ViewChain.
    • ViewChain is free to use and has a mode that supports advertisements, which allows for the rapid development of users.
  2. All nodes using ViewChain are properly incentivized
    • Network nodes that provide storage can earn virtual digital coins based on block chains, which will greatly encourage people to contribute their unused storage space to the network. This, in turn, will help develop a large number of nodes for the network.
  3. ViewChain already has a massive amount of users worldwide
    • Besides directly injecting users from Zapya, Zapya also provides ViewChain with the practical experience in the development and operation needed to support a massive amount of users.
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