On the 17th of August, the development of several new functions for the “View” App was completed. The functions include and are not limited to: message reminder, PC discovery, and address book.

On September 3rd, Zapya started to design the technical solution for integrating Elastos Carrier into the app. They are currently communicating with Elastos on technical details.

On September 7th, the preliminary technical design of the Zapya integrated wallet was completed. Development of the wallet is under way with the first phase of functional development expected to be done by the end of October. The Elastos DID is also expected to be integrated into the wallet function.

ViewChain’s Senior Operations Director, Liu Zhen, participated in the Elastos Community Meetup in Beijing on August 11th. He introduced the project background of ViewChain, the certification system of ViewCoin, and where ViewChain’s users come from.

From August 25th to August 26th, the founder of ViewChain  Frank attended the Elastos Anniversary celebration in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and briefed the audience on the latest progress of the ViewChain project.

On August 18th, community members recommended ViewChain to icogens.

On August 22nd, community members recommended ViewChain to coincodex.

On August 24th, ViewChain launched WeChat’s Chinese Subscription Number and Telgram Group in order to better serve their Chinese community members.

On September 13th, ViewChain’s Telegram adminstrator Gandhi was invited to Beijing by ViewChain. Over the next few days, Gandhi visited ViewChain’s office, dicussed community concerns with the ViewChain team, and shared valuable community management experiences with the ViewChain staff.

On September 14th, ViewChain’s Wang Xiaodong participated in and hosted Dorahacks’ community discussion. There he discussed with the attendees about decentralized content storage and distribution.Dorahacks is a new and emerging decentralized global geek community.  It is also the most active Hacker community in China, with a worldwide network of geeks.

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