Yesterday i arrived in Beijing and after checking in in the hotel, Captain from the ViewChain team picked me up for dinner. We went to this awesome bbq place and had a nice talk and got to know each other. Afterwards i went straight to bed because i was really exhausted from traveling.

Today i was invited to have breakfast with the ViewChain team at the Zapya offices which are located on the same street as my hotel. They always have breakfast at the office for the whole team. Afterwards Larry walked me around the place and introduced me to the whole team of programmers, designers, marketers, etc. Everyone was very welcoming and showed me what they were currently working on (ican‘t share details unfortunately but there is alot going on behind the scenes).

Captain and Larry gave a presentation on what he‘s working on and how they plan to bring a million new users for ELA until eoy, very exciting times ahead!

Then i had the possibility to talk to Frank (CEO) and Steve (CTO) for about 2 hours. We had a very interesting discussion on how ViewChain can seperate itself from other content distribution platforms and why decentralization is so badly needed in this space. We all know about the problems with youtube and spotify but apart from that there are millions of content producers all around the world who aren‘t able to monetize their work because they aren‘t famous enough. Only a very small percentage of artists are able to make money with their profession unfortunately. We discussed about solutions for this problem and what features a content disdtribution platform needs to change this. We don‘t need to make every artist in the world famous and rich but it would be very exciting to see what happens when we find a way to let them monetize their work and thus give them a way to live off their art. In my personal opinion this will lead to much more, much higher quality content and whole generation of artists being able to focus 100% on their art rather than having day jobs and making music/films as a hobby. They also explained me in detail how ViewChain will work and how they leverage the Elastos tech to realize their goals. Larry and Captain joined us for lunch and we kept on discussing during this.

In the afternoon i was introduced to a team of international students working for Zapya and ViewChain and i shared my experiences in building and managing a worldwide community for Elastos. They were very interested and had alot of questions for me. We took the oportunity of all of us being together and made a short promotional video together which was alot of fun.

It was a great experience meeting everyone and seeing first hand that the team is working very hard to meet their deadlines, as i said before, lots of great things are coming for both the ViewChain and the Elastos community.

Onward! Upward! Elastos and ViewChain!

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