We wrote many articles on the official website blog to introduce all aspects of ViewChain.We haven’t finished it yet, but for reading convenience, we wrote this guide. Hope it can help you understand our project.

Chapter 1 Decentralized Storage System

What is a Decentralized Storage System?

Why do We Need a Decentralized Storage System?

The biggest difference between ViewChain and cloud storage

The Future of Data Storage and Blockchain

How does Decentralized Storage Systems Enabling ViewChain?

Technical features of ViewChain’s decentralization storage

Chapter 2 Blockchain and Token

How Blockchain will Stimulate Growth in ViewChain?

The Value Logic of ViewCoin

ViewChain’s Copyright Protection

Chapter 3 Decentralized Content Distribution

What is Decentralized Content Distribution?

The main three challenges of centralized content distribution platform

The Benefits of Decentralized Content Distribution

Overview of ViewChain’s Decentralized Content Distribution Platform

The Key Features of ViewChain’s Decentralized Content Distribution System

The Three Ways ViewChain Users Share

ViewChain’s Multi-Layer Promotion Mechanism

Chapter 4 Summary

The value of ViewChain to block chain industry

The Unique Value of ViewChain to Public Chains

ViewChain’s Key Elements of Success

ViewChain’s Stance on User Data

ViewChainUses Massive Nodes Routing Network to Energize Blockchain

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