Blockchain technology has been in development for the past 10 years.Capacity expansion is still the industry’s most important bottleneck. The most important sector that needs improvement is the network performance of blockchain.

The blockchain network is a P2P network. The resources and services in the network are scattered on all nodes. Information transmission and service realization are carried out directly between nodes without the intervention of intermediate links and servers.Each node not only receives information, but also produces information. They then synchronize information by maintaining a common block chain. When a node creates a new block, it notifies the other nodes in the form of broadcast. The other nodes receive the information and verify the block. They also create new blocks based on that block. Thus, the role of the whole network in maintaining a bottom ledger is achieved. The whole process involves the design of P2P network, propagation mechanism, verification mechanism and so on. These designs can affect the confirmation speed of block information, and then affect the performance of blockchain.

ViewChain’s excellent network performance enables fast discovery, broadcasting, and communication between nodes. Public chains can use ViewChain to achieve faster point-to-point network propagation, thereby increasing throughput on their own chains.At the same time, the expansion of the public chain on the network transport layer is not contradictory, and has a powerful help. As the number of ViewChain nodes increases, the propagation speed of the entire network will become faster, which can further improve the performance of the blockchain.

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