1. After receiving the investment from Elastos, ViewChain sold a section of its funds for project startup cost. Viewchain revealed its trading strategy to the Elastos team this week, and proved to Elastos that ViewChain has been a long time holder of ELA and has neither incentive nor capability to crash or manipulate the value of ELA tokens.
  2. Based on the Elastos’ leading technology and the huge potential of its community, ViewChain is very confident about the long-term value of ELA and the cooperation between ViewChain and Elastos. ELA has been continuously purchased since the formal launch of the project and the current holdings have exceeded the initial investment from the Elastos Foundation.
  3. ViewChain will continue to develop on Elastos under the supervision of the Elastos Foundation. Cooperation between Elastos and ViewChain has picked up and they have set the goal of bringing over one million DID users to Elastos by the end of 2018. In order to prove the confidence in this target, ViewChain has stated that it is willing to pledge 100,000 ELA until the quantity of users has reached the agreed upon amount by the March of next year.
  4. With its many years of experience serving hundreds of millions of global users, the ViewChain team is confident to build up the biggest DAPP on Elastos in 2019, and help to make Elastos more successful in the future. ViewChain and Elastos are eager to share the fruits of this successful cooperation with all ELA investors.
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