ViewChain is expected to add in a built-in wallet feature in order to further reduce the barriers of entry to blockchain for the general public. The built-in wallet will provide users with basic services for certification management, including: query, inbound, outbound, consumer, and trading functions. The transaction function completes the conversion of other cryptocurrencies to ViewCoins. Through order matching, users who need ViewCoin to buy services can buy ViewCoins from users who are willing to sell them without having to leave the app. This ensures that the whole process does not require the use of a third party exchange.

We hope that the built-in transaction functions will facilitate the exchange of profitswithin the ecosystem. It will further promote the circulation of assets in the ecosystem. It will also acceleratethe formation of the self-circulation ecosystem of the certified economy.

Besides the function of certificate management, the built-in wallet will also play a role in the user identity management function. Based on the current progress of our business collaboration, it is expected that part of the information will be managed through Elastos DID and open to the Elastos community.The Elastos community’s third party developers can use this data according to their needs

Unlike ordinary wallet software, ViewChain’s built-in wallet will include application-level incentives in addition to the Notification Management function. There will be simple reward tasksin the wallet-related interface that combines Zapya’s functions with social media functions. After completing those tasks, users will receive ViewCoins. As business progresses, there will also be rewards from partners, such as Elastos. Elastos will be able to issue ELAs to encourage users to pay attention to their social media accounts.。

We have completed the initial wallet and interface design. They are currently both in the R& D stage. It is expected that the first phase of R & D will be completed by the end of October.

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