According to the results of business negotiations in Myanmar, designs for the sell of digital currency and distribution of built-in wallets were completed on October 31st.

On November 6th, the development of the DID related functions in the Zapya built-in wallet was completed.

According to ELA price and business cooperation, the plan of the first edition of the built-in wallet’s incentive value was completed on November 9th.

The integrated development of Zapya and the built-in was completed on November 14th.

Also on November 14th, the design for incentive activities to include Oppa phones as prizes was completed in accordance with the results of business talks with Oppa in Myanmar.

On November 15th, Zapya’s built-in wallet’s public network test server was completed. It is now moving into the inspection and testing stage

According to the results of actual integration of the built-in wallet into the Zapya client, the design of some interfaces were adjusted on November 19th.

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