ViewChain  Decentralized Private File System

Welcome to ViewChain, the creator of the Decentralized Private File System, DPFS for short. ViewChain enables public block chains by providing them with access to a decentralized storage network.

ViewChain is the combination of DPFS, Blockchain, and Zapya. DPFS provides mobile users with access to all of the shared content in the decentralized storage. Blockchain controls the token flow so that all parties are properly incentivized. Zapya provides 576 million global users. By combining all of these together, ViewChain is on its way to becoming the largest decentralized storage network with a massive amount of mobile users who are receiving incentives from blockchain.

Instant data transfer
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Scalable blocks
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Smart layer technology
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Short for Decentralized Private File System, DPFS allows for the creation of a faster and safer decentralized internet and removes the limitations posed by phone storage.


ViewChain’s token economy is based upon Blockchain, which enables the incentive system to reward all involved parties fairly in promoting the sale of content.


Based on the person-to-person content sharing network of Zapya, there are 576 Million users worldwide already available to be incorporated into ViewChain.

Differentiation:ViewChain Mobile DPFS

DPFS:IPFS Enhancements

  • Fill holes in decentralized storage needed for blockchain
  • Make up IPFS missing features,eg,NAT traversal

Good performance

  • Native IPFS performance is poor
  • Acceleration of IPFS speed

Large user base

  • Free users in freemium model
  • Mobile clients for consumption and publishing

ViewChain Value Propositions for Public Chains

Middleware servicing any public chains

Proven performance by large user population

Better support of Mobile Users

ViewChain’s Key Success Factors

A high performance decentralized storage network

  • Accelerated performance
  • Support free users

Properly incentivized nodes

  • Decentralized storage network built for blockchains
  • Incentivized by coins, earned by providing storage network nodes

Massive audience

  • The ability of viral growth: Unique contents, killer APPs for viewers
  • Self-sufficient business : traffic+ Ad-support model
  • Mobile clients for consumption and publishing