On December 4th, the first version of ViewChain’s built-in wallet on Zapya was launched in Myanmar. The built-in wallet was only released on certain versions of Zapya in Myanmar for small-scale testing purposes.

Zapya users can earn ELA through completing in-app incentive tasks found in the activity section of the built-in wallet. Once ELA reaches the required quota and meets the total assets requirements, it can be sold in fiat currency at the real-time price.Right now, the wallet function is only open to Myanmar users. Based on the local infrastructure, ViewChain’s built-in wallet offers users a way to exchange ELA for mobile phone calls.ViewChain hopes that through this small-scale test it can map valuable ecological behavior in regards to substantive law currency. Thus,finding out what the contribution of this behavior is to ecological value.

The ViewChain team also hopes that this test will effectively reduce the threshold of virtual currency acceptance in developing countries such as Myanmar. They also hope that it will strengthen ELA’s local brand image and bring more incremental users to the block chain world.

ViewChain will continue to optimize wallets based on actual testing, while developing more features for the built-in wallet. In the near future, the built-in wallet will gradually be opened to more users.

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